Sentence Examples with the word sunglasses

She put on her sunglasses and started toward the one part of the house Han had warned her away from: the patio that led into the gardens.

The blonde slid sunglasses in place, and as she strode to the awaiting Yukon idling in the driveway she threw a glance over her shoulder.

Often, when first meeting a woman, he would leave the sunglasses on until she regained her composure, then remove them to watch her unhinge again.

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The lighting was harsh in the lab; he didn't remove his sunglasses until they'd entered the romantically lit conference room.

He and the girls were gone, though three men in sunglasses moved purposefully toward her and Jule.

Lana opened a water-breather mask and perched it on her forehead like sunglasses before placing the inflatable vest beneath her arms.

She combed her fingers through her red hair, forgetting her pushed-back sunglasses and knocking them to the ground.

Her sunglasses and hat blocked the sun but not the heat, which fed her pulsing head.

Struck by something else, she removed her sunglasses and eyed Jake, saying, You know, you haven't spoken to me more than to say hello in two years.

She pushed her sunglasses on and hailed a cab.