Sentence Examples with the word sundress

It was a hot afternoon, and she had thrown a light cotton sundress over her swimsuit.

The yellow skirt of her sundress was molded to the soft curves one side of her body by a breeze.

The mint colored sundress flared out from its slim waistband as she moved.

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She wiped the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand and went to the closet, selecting a sundress with no waistline.

The light yellow sundress had buttons down the front.

Denton hated the yellow sundress with its spaghetti straps, but it was one of her favorite dresses.

Dressed in a sundress and sandals, Deidre left the bungalow on the beach and walked down the long driveway to the small road.

The day was sunny and warm, so a lilac colored sundress was her choice.

Her shoulder scraped off the stall, catching the strap of her sundress on a board.

Yancey eyed her blue sundress critically.