Sentence Examples with the word sum total

The sum total of all these contributions to electrical knowledge had the effect of establishing Maxwell's principles on a firm basis, but they also led to technical inventions of the very greatest utility.

I'd lived so clement an existence that the sum total of my exposure to mayhem came from the soft cushioned sofa fronting a wide screen television.

In an instant's compass, great hearts sometimes condense to one deep pang, the sum total of those shallow pains kindly diffused through feebler men's whole lives.

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The sum total amounts to 419 objects, besides hundreds of fragments, cores, spalls and rejects, retained for study and comparison.

Not only was the extent of your knowledge whatever your own mind held, but as far as you were concerned, the sum total of all human knowledge was the aggregate of what was known by the three or four hundred people in your village.

In the years to come, the available knowledge will grow to include the sum total of the life experiences of all the people who have lived since the system came online.

In the future, every single person will have at his or her disposal the sum total of the life experience of everyone alive.

There is, therefore, no absolute knowledge, for every man has different perceptions, and, further, arranges and groups his data in methods peculiar to himself; so that the sum total is a quantity with a purely subjective validity.