Sentence Examples with the word sullenly

The three men were then cut down, all hands were turned to, and, sullenly worked by the moody seamen, the iron pumps clanged as before.

He peered sullenly from under the brim of his hat.

Den preach to him yourself, sullenly turning to go.

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There he sullenly joined his wife Paulette, who was stuffing her face with the excess baked goods now available by virtue of Pumpkin Green's nocturnal departure.

In the following year (337) Philip was in the Peloponnesus, and a congress of the Greek states at the Isthmus (from which, however, Sparta held sullenly aloof) recognized Philip as captain-general for the war against Persia.

To this vindictive legislation, which converted the labouring population into a sullenly hostile 1 It should be remembered that at this time one-third of the land belonged to the church, and the remainder was in the hands of less than a dozen great families who had also appropriated the royal domains.

As he sullenly swam off, the boats flew to the rescue.