Sentence Examples with the word suitcase

I had my suitcase in the car anyway 'cause I was gonna get a room near the bus station.

She slammed the suitcase shut and glared at him.

So you threw your clothes in a suitcase and ran away.

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She crammed the last shirt into the suitcase and held it down while she snapped it shut.

She snapped the full suitcase shut and opened her door.

Dean began to fill the suitcase and Hunter helped him by folding the suits.

She silently folded them and put them in the suitcase while he watched.

One placed a sleep patch on her ear to prevent her from waking and scooped her up while the other grabbed the last suitcase out of her bedroom.

The suitcase didn't seem that heavy at the time.

She tossed a shirt in the suitcase and gave him a disgusted look.