Sentence Examples with the word suicide

He knew once someone questioned the suicide note and seriously examined it, he was all finished.

This would be as if two men were to agree to draw lots as to which should commit suicide in order to avoid fighting a duel.

A melancholy interest surrounds the name of Victoria Benedictsson (Ernst Ahlgren, 1850-1889), who committed suicide in Copenhagen after achieving marked success with her sketches of humble life in Fran Shine, and with the more ambitious works Money and Marianne.

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If attempts at suicide are any indication of guilt, this man must have a very uneasy conscience.

He tried to be absolved of any responsibility by leaving at least one explicit suicide note.

In Grand Canary suicide was regarded as honourable, and on a chief inheriting, one of his subjects willingly honoured the occasion by throwing himself over a precipice.

He could feel her tense against him as he explained in detail the late night suicide and the termination of the police investigation.

The supreme test, satisfied so frequently as to be commonplace, was a shocking form of suicide performed with a placid mien.

Yes. He tried to commit suicide after he killed her; he left a note but he didn't cut his wrists deeply enough to be fatal.

Edith Shipton commits suicide just like Annie Quincy did.