Sentence Examples with the word succinctly

Everything he described could, as Quinn so succinctly put it, be a mind constructed fairy tale.

This authority sums up the geology of Japan briefly and succinctly as follows (in Things Japanese, by Professor Chamberlain): The backbone of the country consists of primitive gneiss and schists.

Dean explained, as succinctly as possible, their concern for this child who'd spent six months in their care.

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Agnosticism, Phenomenalism, Rationalism, Materialism all manifest the positivist spirit, denying what may be succinctly described as the metempirical.

The results of textual criticism, including a considerable number of conjectural emendations, are succinctly presented in Kittel's Biblia Hebraica (1906); but the text here printed is the ordinary Massoretic (vocalized) text.