Sentence Examples with the word successive

Thus a monochromatic image of the sun, formed of a great number of successive images of the spectral line employed, will be built up on the plate.

At each successive stage in our progress fresh contradictions break out, but the ideal of a station at which the thought-process and its other, if not one, are at one, is permissible as a limiting conception.

The pitch or axial pitch of a screw has the meaning assigned to it in that section, viz, the distance, measured parallel to the axis, between the corresponding points in two successive turns of the same thread.

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He was long conspicuous in the State Republican organization, was chairman of the New Jersey State Republican Committee from 1880 to 1890, became a member in 5884 of the Republican National Committee, and was the delegate-at-large from New Jersey to five successive Republican national nominating conventions.

Though his sentences themselves are not wordy, he is extremely diffuse in treatment, habitually repeating an idea in successive sentences of much the same import.

The combined effect of these successive blows, aggravated by the long period of decentralizing policy from Taaffe to Badeni, is still felt in the Kaiserstadt.

This is followed by a resting (pseudo-pupal) stage, and thisby two successive larval stages like the grub of a chafer.

Before the fall this influx was free and unhindered, and the conjunction of man with God and the creation complete, but from that time the connexion was interrupted and God had to interpose by successive dispensations.

The sequence formed by taking successive sums of a series) which have to be considered in respect of their convergence or non-convergence.

P. Leroux discovered that iodine vapour refracted the red rays more than the violet, the intermediate colours not being transmitted; and in 1870 Christiansen found that an alcoholic solution of fuchsine refracted the violet less than the red, the order of the successive colours being violet, red, orange, yellow; the green being absorbed and a dark interval occurring between the violet and red.