Sentence Examples with the word subtle

But not all things are intangible which our senses are not subtle enough to detect.

The vicomte wished to begin his story and gave a subtle smile.

It appears safer, notwithstanding, to take the less subtle interpretation 11 that dialectical induction struggling with instances is formally justified only at the limit, and that this, where we have exhausted and know that we have exhausted the cases, is in regard to individual subjects rarely and accidentally reached, so that we perforce illustrate rather from the definite class-concepts falling under a higher notion.

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She was gradually accepting his touch, a subtle sign of a thaw she probably didn't realize she was doing.

His magic danced around him, bending starlight and night into a subtle light show.

Hunter's researches on the severer anaemias are doing much to elucidate these subtle maladies.

If he did not have a common soul in him, he had a subtle something that somehow anomalously did its duty.

The subtle agnostic, who doubted reason because reason could not be supported in the end by empirical evidence, was less in his view than persons blindly resting on authority or prejudice.

Partly from fear of a national Polish rising which Napoleon held in reserve as a last means of coercion, and partly from a subtle resolve to use the French alliance as a means of securing rich domains at the expense of Turkey, Prussia, Sweden and England, Alexander decided to throw over his allies, Prussia and England, and to seize the spoils to which the conqueror pointed as the natural sequel of a Franco-Russian alliance.

He belongs distinctly to the romantic school; his forte is vivid and picturesque description, the lively presentation of scenes and actions, characters and states of society, not the subtle analysis of motives, the power of detecting the undercurrents or the generalizing faculty.