Sentence Examples with the word substratum

On descending into the substratum the finer material decreases and more stones are met with; farther down are seen larger fragments of unaltered rock closely packed, and this brash or rubble grades insensibly into the unbroken rock below.

A situation - hazardous in spite of its comic substratum - between Thaumasta and the pretended Parthenophil is conducted, as Gifford points out, with real delicacy; but the comic scenes are merely stagy, notwithstanding, or by reason of, the effort expended on them by the author.

The Oxus figures in Persian romantic history as the limit between Iran and Turan, but the substratum of settled population to the north as well as the south was probably of Iranian lineage.

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In the northern parts of Nigeria the inhabitants are of more mixed blood, the negro substratum having been to a great extent driven out by the northern races of the continent.

Ha-lophytes.These are plants living in situations where the substratum contains a high proportion of sodium chloride.

A soft nutrient substratum penetrate it and become absorbing organs.

The soil of the northern portion of the county is a rich brown loam, on a substratum of clay or gravel.

The substratum of the plain is a bed of boulders, covered during the lapse of ages by a deposit of rich alluvial soil.

In certain types living on clamp soil, the rhizoids penetrate the substratum, and in addition to fixing the plant absorb food substances (dissolved salts) from the substratum (fig.

This theory is, of course, not explicitly presented by Smith as a foundation of his economic doctrines, but it is really the secret substratum on which they rest.