Sentence Examples with the word subscription

Four of these customers had since canceled their subscription and four more were personally known to Monica.

But the speculation was unsuccessful, and for many years Godwin struggled with constant pecuniary difficulties, for which more than one subscription was raised by the leaders of the Liberal party and by literary men.

In 1747 Johnson sent Chesterfield, who was then secretary of state, a prospectus of his Dictionary, which was acknowledged by a subscription of X10.

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He wrote A Treatise on the Augustinian Doctrine of Predestination (1855); The Primitive Doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration (1856); A Review of the Baptismal Controversy (1862); Subscription to the Articles: a Letter (1863); Lectures on Miracles, being the Bampton Lectures for 1865; and Ruling Ideas in Early Ages and their relation to the Old Testament Faith (1877).

Bronze statue of him was erected by subscription at Digne in 1852.

His remains lie in a majestic tomb in the Jeronymos at Belem, near Lisbon, which was raised by public subscription to the greatest modern historian of Portugal and of the Peninsula.

A sum in amount not less than at least half of the estimated cost of the proposed improvement must have been raised by private subscription or donation, and the rate must not exceed sixpence in the;.

In the preface Chillingworth expresses his new view about subscription to the articles.

Mill's subscription to the election expenses of Bradlaugh, and his attitude towards Governor Eyre, are generally regarded as the main causes of his defeat in the general election of 1868.

He promoted the subscription for Pope's Homer, contributed some numbers to the Tatler, Spectator, and Intelligencer, and joined with Pope and Arbuthnot in establishing the Scriblerus Club, writing Martinus Scriblerus, his share in which can have been but small, as well as John Bull, where the chapter recommending the education of all blue-eyed children in depravity for the public good must surely be his.