Sentence Examples with the word subclass

LAMPREY, a fish belonging to the family Petromyzontidae (from r rpos and Ww, literally, stone-suckers), which with the hag-fishes or Myxinidae forms a distinct subclass of fishes, the Cyclostomata, distinguished by the low organization of their skeleton, which is cartilaginous, without vertebral segmentation, without ribs or real jaws, and without limbs.

Haeckel established the subclass Saururae, containing solely Archaeopteryx, in opposition to the Ornithurae, comprising all the other birds.

It has been proposed by Maas to divide the entire subclass Acraspeda into A, Charybdaeida and B, Acraspeda typica.

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They were placed by Marsh in a distinct subclass of birds,Odontornithes.

We conclude, therefore, that the primitive stock of the former subclass became early differentiated from that of the latter.

GERANIACEAE, in botany, a small but very widely distributed natural order of Dicotyledons belonging to the subclass Polypetalae, containing about 360 species in 11 genera.

As additional features of the subclass may be mentioned the absence of a corpus callosum connecting the right and left hemispheres of the brain,' and of a fossa in the septum between the two auricles of the heart.

Brit., 9th ed., 1883) placed them under the name Isopleura as a subclass of Gastropoda.

The subclass Scyphomedusae contains a number of animals which in the adult condition are medusae or jellyfishes (see Medusa), exclusively marine in habitat and found in all seas.

Crystals of blende belong to that subclass of the cubic system in which there are six planes of symmetry parallel to the faces of the rhombic dodecahedron and none parallel to the cubic faces; in other words, the crystals are cubic with inclined hemihedrism, and have no centre of symmetry.