Sentence Examples with the word stupendous

The effect of the revolution in Vienna, involving the fall of Metternich (May 13) and followed by the nationalist movements in Hungary and Bohemia, was stupendous in Germany.

It flows eastward until it has passed through the stupendous Kazan defile, in which its waters (at Semlin 1700 yds.

That which distinguishes Herat from all other Oriental cities, and at the same time constitutes its main defence, is the stupendous character of the earthwork upon which the city wall is built.

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The Ramesseum contains the remains of a stupendous seated colossus, in black granite, of its builder Rameses II., thrown on its face.

In America and elsewhere the stupendous character of the British performances and sacrifices has been inadequately appreciated because they were not made known at the time.

In a year after she first went to Helen Keller, Miss Sullivan found herself and her pupil the centre of a stupendous fiction.

Thus was ushered in the series of stupendous events which were to change the face of Europe and profoundly to affect the destinies of Austria.

For many centuries Jainism was so overshadowed by that stupendous movement, born at the same time and in the same place, which we call Buddhism, that it remained almost unnoticed by the side of its powerful rival.

The Greeks and Romans generally accepted the view that Herodotus supplies of his character, and moralized on the uselessness of his stupendous work; but there is nothing else to prove that the Egyptians themselves execrated his memory.

No personal wrongs, but the deliberate determination of a strong-minded, capable woman to snatch the reins of government from the hands of a semi-imbecile, was the cause of Peter's overthrow, and his stupendous blunders supplied Catherine with her opportunity.