Sentence Examples with the word stupa

When the stupa was discovered the villagers had already carried off the greater part of the monument to build their cottages with the stones and bricks of it.

On the top of the stupa was an ornament shaped like the letter T, and as the base of the stupa was above the quadrangle, the total height of the monument was between 50 and 60 ft.

Cunningham discovered there in 1873 the remains of a stupa (i.e.

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Even since Buhler wrote, the vase, the top of which is reproduced (see Plate), has been discovered on the borders of Nepal in a stupa where some of the relics of Buddha were kept.

Cunningham, The Stupa of Bharhut (London, 1879); T.

The town is of great interest for the antiquary as one of the chief centres of the Buddhist kingdom of Vengi, and for its stupa (sepulchral monument).