Sentence Examples with the word stuffed

The whole cavity of the cell is sometimes stuffed with proteid contents.

He grunted and stuffed another handful in.

On both sides the sea came in at the wounded planks, but we stuffed two or three drawers and shirts in, and so stopped the leaks for the time.

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I stuffed it in a trash bag and put it in the burn barrel.

Exhausted Martha was hustled to her bed and snuggled next to SB, the patiently waiting stuffed owl.

The house will know where everything in it is; you will never again lose your keys or your child's favorite stuffed animal.

He tossed it on the bed and grabbed a handful of clothes then stuffed them in.

The box contained a large, snow white stuffed owl.

She wanted to make sure her stuffed owl SB was being hugged and Alice watered.

Even Mrs. Reynolds pitched in with some stuffed animals - a giraffe and horse.