Sentence Examples with the word stuck

If I'm stuck in the land of the living, I'm going to live a normal life.

Trapped against his strong form, she wasn't certain if she felt gratified that someone so sexy was holding her or terrified to be stuck in the arms of a vampire.

His hair had evidently been hastily brushed smooth in front of the temples, but stuck up behind in quaint little tufts.

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Jim, who was in advance, saw the last stair before him and stuck his head above the rocky sides of the stairway.

His last day was Friday but he stuck around because Byrne was coming down from the head office with his last paycheck.

Standing in the middle of a dirt road, god-knew-where, stuck between the bristling Black God and Original Other, Jessi couldn't imagine her situation getting worse.

The hypothesis (Schlatter, Das neugefundene hebrdische Stuck des Sirach) that it was from Aristobulus that the philosophy of Ecclesiasticus was derived is not generally accepted.

He hadn't been stuck since he was a child, and he had no intention of giving up his freedom.

I'm stuck here over the weekend anyway... with nothing much to do.

Her wine headache stuck with her throughout the morning on the fourth day.