Sentence Examples with the word stubbornly

He remained stubbornly silent, gazing at Weyrother's face, and only turned away his eyes when the Austrian chief of staff finished reading.

The struggle between the old views and the new was long and stubbornly fought out in physical philosophy.

But after a series of stubbornly contested engagements, the Austrian general, Philippovic, entered Serajevo on the 19th of August, and ended the campaign on the 10th of September, by the capture of Bihac in the north-west, and of Klobuk in Herzegovina.

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And thus, while the one ship went cheerily before the breeze, the other stubbornly fought against it; and so the two vessels parted; the crew of the Pequod looking with grave, lingering glances towards the receding Bachelor; but the Bachelor's men never heeding their gaze for the lively revelry they were in.

The town is of great strategical importance, for which reason the Russian plenipotentiaries at the Berlin congress (1878) stubbornly tried to include it within the Bulgarian frontier, while Austria and some other Powers insisted that it should be given to Servia.

Klaproth and the German Academy, and by most English chemists except Cavendish, who rather suspended his judgment, and Priestley, who stubbornly clung to the opposite view.

The inhabitants of this district have always been very independent and stubbornly resisted the Afghan and Sikh predecessors of the British.

Baden-Powell was in command of the defence, which was stubbornly maintained for 217 days (Oct.

But the French type proved stubbornly persistent and to this day dominates the older Canada.

I tried to burst open the door; but it stubbornly resisted.