Sentence Examples with the word strychnine

As in strychnine poisoning, the patient is conscious and clear-minded to the last.

Strychnine is eliminated by the kidneys as strychnine and strychnic acid.

In strychnine poisoning trismus or lockjaw is generally secondary to spasm of the other muscles, while in tetanus it is usually the first symptom, no relaxation taking place between the spasms.

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No certain cure has been or is likely to be discovered for their poison, but in less serious cases strychnine has been used with advantage.

Dr., powdered strychnine 5 gr., quinine sulphate 130 gr., syrup 14 fl.

The conditions in which bromides are most frequently used are insomnia, epilepsy, whooping-cough, delirium tremens, asthma, migraine, laryngismus stridulus, the symptoms often attendant upon the climacteric in women, hysteria, neuralgia, certain nervous disorders of the heart, strychnine poisoning, nymphomania and spermatorrhoea.

Applied externally strychnine is a powerful antiseptic, but its poisonous nature prevents it from being used for this purpose.

Brucine is a local anaesthetic. Strychnine enters the blood as such, being freely absorbed from mucous surfaces or when given hypodermically.

The trans-acid has been resolved by means of its strychnine salts into two optically active isomerides, both of which readily pass to 2' dihydrophthalic acid (A.

Thus curare may stop strychnine convulsions by paralysing the terminations of motor nerves, and chloroform may exercise the same effect by abolishing the irritability of the spinal cord.