Sentence Examples with the word struthio

Crrpov0LWV or o .47as a-rpov06s); the Struthio camelus of Linnaeus, and the largest of living birds, an adult male standing nearly 8 ft.

All the existing Ratitae (with the exception of the ostriches of Africa and South America, belonging to the genera Struthio and Rhea, and comprising at most but five species) are found in Austrogaea and nowhere else.

Wolf, of the male Struthio camelus; J.

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The genus Struthio forms the type of the group of Ratite birds, characterized chiefly by large size, breast-bone without a keel, strong running legs, rudimentary wings and simple feathers (see Bird).

Reduction of the number of toes (the fifth shows no traces whatever, not even in Archaeopteryx) begins with the hallux, which is completely or partly absent in many birds; the second toe is absent in Struthio only.