Sentence Examples with the word strung

Their gear was strung across three other beds, much to the doctor's irritation.

The eggs are large and yellow, and produced in two rosary-like strings, as if strung together by elastic filaments continuous with the gelatinous capsules.

The next step is to remove the harvested crop to the drying-shed; primed leaves are placed at once in shallow baskets or boxes, and when under cover are strung on string or on wire and hung up on laths in the barn.

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Gladys waddled downstairs, strung in more beads than the draped back room doorway of a Turkish dope den.

Josh salted that mine and strung along the owner just enough to get a salary out of him.

The mob strung their bows, and were about to shoot down the king and his suite.

Their national instrument, the gusle (gusla), is a single-stringed fiddle, often roughly fashioned of wood and ox-hide, the bow being strung with horsehair.

They were ground as smooth as glass and were strung together by a hole drilled through the centre.

Trolley haulage lacks the flexibility of steam or compressed air haulage, and is limited to main lines because the wires must be strung throughout the length of the line.

Again, many devices of civilization bear unmistakable marks of derivation from a lower source; thus the ancient Egyptian and Assyrian harps, which differ from ours in having no front pillar, appear certainly to owe this remarkable defect to having grown up through intermediate forms from the simple strung bow, the still used type of the most primitive stringed instrument.