Sentence Examples with the word stronghold

The archbishop, having the power of the throne behind him, attacked that stronghold of Lollardy the university of Oxford.

When she surrendered at Carberry Hill the stronghold fell into the hands of the regent Moray, by whom it was dismantled in 1568, but its ruins are still a picturesque object on the hill above the harbour.

In the old city also are the Plaza Vieja, dating from the middle of the 16th century (with the modern Mercado de Cristina, of 1837 - destroyed 1908), the old stronghold La Fuerza, erected by Hernando de Soto in 1538, once the treasury of the flotas and galleons, and residence of the governors, with its old watch-tower (La Vigia); and the Plaza de Armas, with the palace, the Senate building, a statue of Fernando VII.

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The Tambunan district, the last stronghold of Mat Saleh, is now thoroughly settled.

Tobruk has long been the outlet for the trade of the oases which extend from Jarabub to Siwah, and are a stronghold of the Senussi order (see CYRENAlcA); and it is also the headquarters of the Libyan sponge fishery, prosecuted by Greeks.

His opinions also found their way into France, Germany, German Switzerland, and Italy; but French Switzerland has always remained the stronghold of Plymouthism on the Continent, and for his followers there Darby wrote two of his most important tracts, Le Ministere considere dans sa nature and De la Presence et de l'action du S.

To1485-1486also appears to belong the inception of his elaborate though unfulfilled architectural plans for beautifying and strengthening the Castello, the great stronghold of the ruling power in the state.

No demon can waltz into the middle of my stronghold without being chopped to pieces.

In 1075 he again took the field, leading with Bishop Odo a vast host against the rebel earl of Norfolk, whose stronghold at Norwich they besieged and captured.

At last, in 859, the very centre of the island, the stronghold of Henna, was taken, and the main part of Val di Noto followed.