Sentence Examples with the word strode

He strode through a curtained doorway in the corner and down a long hallway almost too narrow for either of them to fit.

One of the portals glowed in response, and he strode through it, stepping into a world as sunny as Gabriel.s was dark.

He gave a nod of greeting, then spun on his heel and strode towards the awaiting vamps.

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She glanced at the snowy scene outside the mansion then gathered her small backpack of weapons and strode to the door.

He waited for the barrier before him to lift and then strode out.

Dusty strode into the gym and peeled off his shirt.

He flashed a smile and strode from her cube.

They bowed, and he strode toward the gate, trailed by his men.

With feline grace, he strode across the room.

The warrior opened the door and strode into the corridor without waiting.