Sentence Examples with the word striped

One of the most striking American species is the striped gopher, S.

Next in importance were the catches of menhaden, shad, clams, squeteague and alewives; while minor catches were made of crabs, croaker, bluefish, butterfish, catfish, perch and spotted and striped bass.

R The striped hyena (Hyaena striata) is the most widely distributed species, being found throughout India, Persia, Asia Minor, and North and East Africa, the East African form constituting a distinct, race, H.

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It follows from these propositions that the expression of emotion is, for the most part, not under control of the will, and that those striped muscles are the most expressive which are the least voluntary.

The striped hyaena (Hyaena striata) is common, being found wherever the wolf is absent.

If we take for instance the skins of animals that are striped or spotted, we have the best possible illustration of natures methods in this direction.

The main architectural features of Genoa are its medieval churches, with striped facades of black and white marble, and its magnificent 16th-century palaces.

Seen in front, its white face, striped with black, and broad black gorget attract attention as it sits, often motionless, on the rocks; while in flight the white of the lower part of the back and white band across the wings are no less conspicuous even at a distance.

Beyond stating that in colour it conforms very closely to the striped phase of domesticated tabby, it will be unnecessary to describe the species.

The stems are solid and marked with numerous shining, polished, yellow, purple or striped joints, 3 in.