Sentence Examples with the word stride

Considering the enormous stride in advance made by L'Herminier, it is very disappointing for the historian to have to record that the next inquirer into the osteology of birds achieved a Berthold.

Princess followed Ed up the steep trail with an eager stride that kept Carmen clinging to the saddle horn.

He watched her stride to the door without following, heart heavy at what Kris.s lieutenant and his colleague of a few decades would soon discover.

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In order to form an adequate estimate of the stride made by Galileo in natural philosophy, it would be necessary to enumerate the confused and erroneous opinions prevailing on all such subjects in his time.

He slowed his brisk stride for her to draw and keep abreast.

Their masterstroke was the Concordat of 1516, which meant an immense stride in the path towards absolutism.

The general's stride quickened as he exited the medical facilities towards the direction both women had gone.

As she grabbed her luggage and headed for van, from the corner of her eye she noticed that he paused mid stride and then turned away.

She wondered what Czerno planned on doing, until she saw him stride out of the building towards the center of the vamps.

In regard to the mares generally, we have a record of the royal mares already alluded to, and likewise of three Turk mares brought over from the siege of Vienna in 1684, as well as of other importations; but it is unquestionable that there was a very large number of native mares in England, improved probably from time to time by racing, however much they may have been crossed at various periods with foreign horses, and that from this original stock were to some extent derived the size and stride which characterized the English race-horse, while his powers of endurance and elegant shape were no doubt inherited from the Eastern horses, most of which were of a low stature, 14 hands or thereabouts.