Sentence Examples with the word stressed

Indeed, contrary to both traditional and modern readings of Socrates, the Romantics also stressed the contradictions of irony and Socratic irony.

Darian's popping in and out stressed her out, and she turned up the TV, trying to lose herself in a movie as she calmed.

Short, sharp bends which are readily made in thin sheets cannot be done in thick plates, as the metal would be stressed too much in the outer layers.

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Jessi rubbed her cheeks, already stressed out and biting her tongue to keep from snapping at him.

His accent appeared when he was too stressed to be concerned about emulating the flat, cultured accent of the political elite.

He called the local sheriff in Ouray and said he plans to come out and haul his 'mentally stressed wife' back East with him.

The Campbells gradually lost sight of Christian unity, owing to the unfortunate experience with the Baptists and to the tone taken by those clergymen who had met them in debates; and for the sake of Christian union it was peculiarly fortunate that in January 1832 at Lexington, Kentucky, the followers of the Campbells and those of Stone (who had stressed union more than primitive Christianity) united.