Sentence Examples with the word stream

The town at Gabes itself is on the fringe of a splendid oasis, which is maintained by the water of an everrunning stream emptying itself into the sea at Gabes after a course of not more than 20 m.

The Kishon is fed by springs from near Tabor and from a copious stream from the west side of the plain of Esdraelon.

The water flows from the ditches as conductors into built conduits formed at right angles to them in parallel lines through the fields; it rises upwards in them as high as the surface of the ground, and again subsides through the soil and the conduits into the ditches as main drains, and thence it passes at a lower level either into a stream or other suitable outfall.

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A stream of lava issued in 1198 from the crater of the Solfatara, which still continues to exhale steam and noxious gases; the Lava dell' Arso came out of the N.E.

The area of biological knowledge which Darwin was the first to subject to scientific method and to render, as it were, contributory to the great stream formed by the union of the various branches, is that which relates to the breeding of animals and plants, their congenital variations, and the transmission and perpetuation of those variations.

No one now denies that he was one of those exceptional men, who without selfseeking spend their lives in the service of a cause and fight bravely against the stream of corruption.

The Doom, a stream with a somewhat parallel but more easterly course, joins the Olifants about 50 m.

It is much used for the transit of large canoes, which are hauled across it from the Terni river, and which reach the Negro by the little stream called the Pimichin.

Be exhausted is attached to b, and, in order to extract its gas contents, a properly regulated stream of mercury is allowed to fall through the vertical tube.

The San Joaquin is a very crooked stream flowing through a low mud-plain, with tule banks; the Sacramento is much less meandering, and its immediate basin, which is of sandy loam, is higher and more attractive than that of the San Joaquin.