Sentence Examples with the word streak

Though existing horses are usually not marked in any definite manner, or only irregularly dappled, or spotted with light surrounded by a darker ring, many examples are met with showing a dark median dorsal streak like that found in all the other members of the genus, and even with dark stripes on the shoulders and legs.

She'd be lucky to get any sleep with the vamps hovering over her and before facing one god no longer under her influence and another with a wild streak that might get them all killed.

The mesoblastic somites are paired sacs formed from the anterior lateral portions of the primitive streak (fig.

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They are indeed exceedingly beautiful; and yet the surrounding waste of hills is chiefly a barren repetition of sun-cracked crags and ridges with parched and withered valleys intersecting them, where a trickle of salt water leaves a white and leprous streak amongst the faded tamarisk or the yellow stalks of last season's grass.

The man had a vindictive streak as wide as the valley, no doubt there.

He smelled the burning trees and metal when Jim opened the door and saw lasers streak through the skies.

Dorothy had a green streak through the center of her face where the blue and yellow lights came together, and her appearance seemed to add to his fright.

The colour varies from yellowish or reddish to blackish-brown, and by transmitted light it is often blood-red; the streak is brownish-yellow; hardness, 5; specific gravity, 4.3.

The streak is black in anthracite, but more or less brown in the softer varieties.

A glandular streak extending from the nostril towards the eye is the lachrymal canal.