Sentence Examples with the word strategy

Men can only be taken prisoners if they surrender according to the rules of strategy and tactics, as the Germans did.

We have implemented this strategy for two further systems.

The law of conscription was voted on the 5th of September 1798; and the tragedy of Rastadt, where the French commissioners were assassinated, was the opening of a war, desired but illprepared for, in which the Directory showed hesitation in strategy and incoherence in tactics, over a disproportionate area in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

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On the loss of his recently made fleet and forts on ..he western coast, Hyder Ali now offered overtures for peace; on the rejection of these, bringing all his resources and strategy into play, he forced Colonel Smith to raise the siege of Bangalore, and brought his army within 5 m.

To draw him after them, while avoiding a conflict, was sound strategy for the Persian generals.

Further, our sustainability strategy energy, Objective 2, details the desirability of renewable energy.

But what more than any other point of strategy made the fight famous was that the Scots fought on foot in battalions with their spears outwards, in a circular formation serving the same purpose as the modern square.

In a few weeks the cold had grown so intense that even the freezing of an arm of the sea with so rapid a current as the Little Belt became a conceivable possibility; and henceforth meteorological observations formed an essential part of the strategy of the Swedes.

I find MAD a disturbing strategy and see problems with it.

The situation was more than alarming for the French, but Conde was destined to achieve a last success - for once a success of careful strategy and prudent manoeuvre.