Sentence Examples with the word strangled

That last statement strangled the life out of the discussion.

That night the whole city was shaken out of sleep by an explosion of gunpowder which shattered to fragments the building in which he should have slept and perished;and the next morning the bodies of Darnley and a page were found strangled in a garden adjoining it, whither they had apparently escaped over a wall, to be despatched by the hands of Bothwell's attendant confederates.

A strangled sob escaped her lungs.

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Light flashed and Lana gave a strangled cry as the laser gun glanced off her wrist.

Agriculture languished, hampered, as in France before the Revolution, by the feudal privileges of a noble caste which no longer gave any equivalent service to the state; trade was strangled by the system of high tariffs at the frontier and internal octrois; and finally public credit was shaken to its foundations by lavish issues of paper money and the neglect to publish the budget.

Hwa Tuh, another high officer of the duchy, that he might get this lady into his possession, brought about the death of Kung Kia, and was carrying his prize in a carriage to his own palace, when she strangled herself on the way.

To protect these adventurers and to secure for itself the largest possible share in these new sources of wealth, the Spanish crown forbade the admission of foreigners into these colonies, and then harassed them with commercial and industrial restrictions, burdened them with taxes, strangled them with monopolies and even refused to permit the free emigration thither of Spaniards..

As the door clicked shut behind him, her breath escaped in a strangled sob.

Hera sent two serpents to destory the new-born Hercules, but he strangled them.

He heard their whereabouts just before she gave a strangled cry and collided with one of them.