Sentence Examples with the word straight line

On the assumption of uniform pressure up the bore, practically realizable in a Zalinski pneumatic dynamite gun, the pressure-curve would be the straight line HK of fig.

Oldhams coupling may be used with advantage where the axes of the shafts are intended to be as nearly in the same straight line as is possible, but where there is some doubt as to the practibility I or nermanency of their exact continuity.

The diameter sought is the straight line from A to the limiting position of the series of B's, say the straight line AB co.

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The line adopted starts from Lake Suches, the source of a small river of that name flowing into the north of Lake Titicaca, crosses the Cordillera by the Palomani to the Tambopata river, follows that stream to the mouth of the Lanza, thence crosses to the source of the Heath river, which forms the dividing line down to its junction with the Madre de Dios, descends that river to the mouth of the Torosmonas, thence in a straight line north-westerly to the intersection of the Tahu.amanu river by the 69th meridian, and thence north on that meridian to the Brazilian frontier.

The reservoir begins to fall at the end of February, and continues to do so with few and short exceptions until the end of August, and it so happens that about the end of August this dotted line, b b representing actual cumulative demand, crosses the straight line a a of uniform demand, so that the excess of demand, represented by the slope from June to September, is balanced by the deficiency of demand, represented by the flatter slope in the first five months, except as regards the small quantity b e near the end of February, which, not having been drawn off during January and February, must overflow before the end of February.

The low island of Anglesey, which is built tip of the fundamental Archaean rocks, is important as a link in the main line of communication with Ireland, because it is separated from the mainland by a channel narrow enough to be bridged, and lies not far out of the straight line joining London and Dublin.

Draw any straight line at right angles to CA and DB (produced if necessary), meeting them in M and N.

For diagrammatic purposes each member is sufficiently represented by a straight line terminating at the two joints; these lines will be referred to as the bars of the frame.

The proof of the correctness of the construction is seen to be involved in the following theorem, which serves likewise to throw new light on the subject: - AB being any straight line whatever, and the above construction being made, then AB is the diameter of the circle circumscribed by the square AB CD (self-evident), AB, is the diameter of the circle circumscribed by the regular 8-gon having the same perimeter as the square, AB, is the diameter of the circle circumscribed by the regular 16-gon having the same perimeter as the square, and so on.

As the star decreases in latitude, this circle will be viewed more and more obliquely, becoming a flatter and flatter ellipse until, with A is zero latitude, it degenerates into a straight line (fig.