Sentence Examples with the word stow

NATHANIEL FIENNES (c. 1608-1669) English politician, second son of William, 1st Viscount Saye and Sele, by Elizabeth, daughter of John Temple, of Stow in Buckinghamshire, was born in 1607 or 1608, and educated at Winchester and at New College, Oxford, where as founder's kin he was admitted a perpetual fellow in 1624.

He delighted to move among the people, and yet found time to meet with a society of antiquaries, of which Raleigh, Sidney, Burleigh, Arundel, the Herberts, Saville, Stow and Camden were members.

St Andrew Undershaft, so named because a Maypole used to be set up before the former church on May-day, is late Perpendicular (c. 1530); and contains a monument to John Stow the chronicler (d.

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The Roman client, King Herod, erected a long stow on the east, and Agrippa encouraged the growth of a new suburb south of this.

That a lady of this name existed in the early part of the 11th century is certain, as evidenced by several ancient documents, such as the Stow charter, the Spalding charter and the Domesday survey, though the spelling of the name varies considerably.

The most important are Holinshed, Stow and Camden; and gradually, with Speed and Bacon, the chronicle develops into the history, and early in the I 7th tentury we get such works as Lord Herberts Reign of Henry VIII., Haywards Edward VI., and, on the ecclesiastical side, Hvlvn.