Sentence Examples with the word stove

She returned the coffeepot to the stove and dropped to the bench opposite him.

The most valuable of these are the egg and stove sizes, which are broken to the proper dimensions for household use, the larger lumps being unfit for burning in open fire-places.

The inner walls are often hung with hand-woven tapestries, which harmonize well with the smokeblackened rafters, the primitive loom and the huge Dutch stove characteristic of a prosperous Rumanian farm.

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She tossed the fuel in and slammed the door before sparks could hop out on the stove pad.

At tea all sat in their accustomed places: Nicholas beside the stove at a small table where his tea was handed to him; Milka, the old gray borzoi bitch (daughter of the first Milka), with a quite gray face and large black eyes that seemed more prominent than ever, lay on the armchair beside him; Denisov, whose curly hair, mustache, and whiskers had turned half gray, sat beside countess Mary with his general's tunic unbuttoned; Pierre sat between his wife and the old countess.

If, then, you properly put these statements together, and reason upon them a bit, you will clearly perceive that, according to all human reasoning, Procopius's sea-monster, that for half a century stove the ships of a Roman Emperor, must in all probability have been a sperm whale.

He got so frightened about his plaguy soul, that he shrinked and sheered away from whales, for fear of after-claps, in case he got stove and went to Davy Jones.

Annuals may be divided into three classes: the hardy, which are sown at once in the ground they are to occupy; the half-hardy, which succeed best when aided at first by a slight hot bed, and then transplanted into the open air; and the tender, which are kept in pots, and treated as greenhouse or stove plants, to which departments they properly belong.

Alex was lifting a pot of coffee from the stove when she entered the room.

The tacsonias, which in cultivation are generally regarded as distinct, differ from Passiflora in having a long cylindrical calyx-tube, bearing two crowns, one at the throat, the other near the base; they are stove or greenhouse plants; T.