Sentence Examples with the word story

It appears to consist of an old story which has been heavily revised to form an edifying piece of exposition.

The story in this form belongs to the time of Virgil, who first introduces the name of Aristaeus.

It was not until some time after his death that the enemies of his son first alleged that he was not of the family of La Scala, but was the son of Benedetto Bordone, an illuminator or schoolmaster of Verona; that he was educated at Padua, where he took the degree of M.D.; and that his story of his life and adventures before arriving at Agen was a tissue of fables.

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If the story (first told by Vasari) is true - that this appointment was made at the suggestion of Angelico only after the archbishopric had been offered to himself, and by him declined on the ground of his inaptitude for so elevated and responsible a station - Eugenius, and not (as stated by Vasari) his successor Nicholas V., must have been the pope who sent the invitation and made the offer to Fra Giovanni, for Nicholas only succeeded in 14 4 7.

One reading was sufficient to stamp every detail of the story upon my memory forever.

Most probably this story had its origin in a particular theory as to the meaning of the word mistletoe.

See Mabel Collins, The Story of Helena Modjeska (London, 1883), and the (autobiographical) Memories and Impressions (New York, 1910).

The history of the initial failures and final success in laying the Atlantic cable has been well told by Mr. Charles Bright (see The Story of the Atlantic Cable, London, 1903).1 The first cable laid in 1857 broke on the IIth of August during laying.

In history, Winthrop and Bradford laid the foundations of her story in the very beginning; but the best example of the colonial period is Thomas Hutchinson, and in later days Bancroft, Sparks, Palfrey, Prescott, Motley and Parkman.

There is also a very ancient local tradition, apparently independent of the story of Lyonnesse, that the Scilly Islands formed part of the Cornish mainland within historical times.