Sentence Examples with the word stores

During 1825 he succeeded in carrying stores and reinforcements into Missolonghi, when it was besieged for the second time, though he could not avert its fall.

Many stores were burned, and four men were killed.

The lack of accurate knowledge regarding the past of the Chinese Empire may possibly some day be supplied, as European scholars become more able to explore the unstudied stores in the great Chinese libraries, or as Chinese students ransack the records of their country for the facts of earlier periods.

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They abused the police and bribed them, made out estimates at ten times their value for government stores that had perished in the fire, and demanded relief.

Of this total about 92 millions are for interest on railways and other public works, 5 millions for pensions and furlough pay for civil and military officers, 22 millions for stores and 12 millions miscellaneous.

These all lie on to the south of the city, towards the hill called Monte Griffone (Griffon-Greek), and the Giant's Cave, which has furnished rich stores for the palaeontologist.

In some districts the ground is undermined by these burrows, in which stores of food are accumulated.

The stores are empty, the roads impassable.

The size of jar commonly known as a quart size may have a capacity from 4 o 0 th to s 00 oth of a microfarad, and if charged to 20,000 volts stores up energy from a quarter to half a joule or from -ths to Iths of a foot-pound.

Agriculture is spreading but slowly among them; they still prefer to plunder the stores of bulbs of Lilium Martagon, Paeonia, and Erythronium Dens canis laid up by the steppe mouse (Mus socialis).