Sentence Examples with the word storehouse

Books are the storehouse of language, and any child, whether deaf or not, if he has his attention attracted in any way to printed pages, must learn.

His immense learning served him rather as a storehouse of illustrations, or as an armoury out of which he could choose the fittest weapon for discomfiting on opponent, than as a quarry furnishing him with material for building up a completely designed and enduring edifice of systematized truth.

His writings have been and remain a storehouse of instruction for statesmen, an armoury for legal reformers.

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The Codex diplomaticus of Gyorgy Fejer (40 vols., Buda, 1829-1844), though full of errors, remains an inexhaustible storehouse of materials.

The internal tissues, either consisting of obvious hyphae or of pseudoparenchyma, may also serve as a storehouse of plastic food substances.

But at least the book remains an indispensable storehouse of references to ancient and modern authorities.

Among his publications, besides many sermons, were A Brief Review of the Episcopal Church in Virginia (1845); Wilberforce, Cranmer, Jewett and the Prayer Book on the Incarnation (1850); Reasons for Loving the Episcopal Church (1852); and Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia (1857); a storehouse of material on the ecclesiastical history of the state.

Natural Protection Against Parasitism The living organism is a rich storehouse of the very materials from which parasites, both animal and vegetable, can best derive their nourishment.

Hassall, 1901), a meritorious compilation and storehouse of facts, but not very readable.

It had ramparts of turf, barrack-rooms of wood, and a headquarters building, storehouse and bath in stone: it stands a few yards back from the wall.