Sentence Examples with the word stoop to

Even with Cynthia's tiny height she was required to stoop to avoid the low ceiling.

But even before his day the shrewder Neoplatonists had seen that their lofty religious philosophy could not stoop to an alliance with the despotic world-empire, because it could not come in contact with the world at all.

His very proper unwilli gness to stoop to deny an accusation, that would have been .o disgraceful if it had been true, made ill-natured and silly.

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Possessed were with the Roman Catholic faith, and in his annoyance at the interference of the Commons with his expenditure he was not ashamed to stoop to become the pensioner of the French king.

With both he took all imaginable pains to avoid offending the censorship; for Voltaire had, more than any other man who ever lived, the ability and the willingness to stoop to conquer.

His suit was repulsed with disdain; no Strozzi, he was told, might stoop to wed a Savonarola.

Here was an orator who could apply all the resources of a burnished rhetoric to the elucidation of figures; who could sweep the widest horizon of the financial future, and yet stoop to bestow the minutest attention on the microcosm of penny stamps and post-horses.