Sentence Examples with the word stole

The official dress of the acolyte, according to Ordo V., was a close-fitting linen garment (camisia) girt about him, a napkin hanging from the left side, a white tunic, a stole (orarium) and a chasuble (planeta) which he took off when he sang on the steps of the ambone.

At Rome, especially, where the popes had succeeded to a share of the power and pretensions of the Caesars of the West, the accumulation of ecclesiastical vestments symbolized a very special dignity: in the second quarter of the 9th century the pope, when fully vested, wore a camisia girdled, an alb (linea) girdled, an amice (anagolaium), a tunicle (dalmatica minor), a dalmatic (dalmatica major), stole (orarium), chasuble (planeta) and pallium.

Victor's smug laugh stole Jackson's breath, So touching, these feelings you have for a werewolf.

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Her arms stole around his neck and she ran trembling fingers through the soft hair on the back of his head.

Starbuck saw the old man; saw him, how he heavily leaned over the side; and he seemed to hear in his own true heart the measureless sobbing that stole out of the centre of the serenity around.

In New Zealand, Maui stole fire from Mauika, the lord of fire.

She stole a glance at Cynthia.

The mayor was corrupt and stole from the city's budget.

The present practice - according to which the bishop lays the stole over the left shoulder of the deacon, and crosses it over the breast of the priest - is already found in the pontificals of the 10th century.

Essentially, the actual method of wearing the stole conforms to the original practice.