Sentence Examples with the word stink

And tomorrow I shall be killed, perhaps not even by a Frenchman but by one of our own men, by a soldier discharging a musket close to my ear as one of them did yesterday, and the French will come and take me by head and heels and fling me into a hole that I may not stink under their noses, and new conditions of life will arise, which will seem quite ordinary to others and about which I shall know nothing.

Rufus has been gone two years now but the stink of his cigars lingers on.

I was so looking forward to a nice bath to wash away the stink of that awful hole.

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Dean considered his poking options as he used half a cake of soap to scrub away the stink of the mine.

But he's absent minded 'cause he forgets he's got a full refrigerator of stuff that's going to rot and stink up the place.

Definitely. There was a big stink about it.