Sentence Examples with the word stiff-necked

Their foes were chiefly Jews, whose opposition was due partly to a stiff-necked disinclination to bow to the wider reading of their own religion - to which the Holy Spirit had from of old been pointing (cf.

Mary was forced to impose taxation which met with violent resistance, especially in 1539 from the stiff-necked town of Ghent.

Whatever proofs Dr Cornay may have had to satisfy himself of his being on the right track, these proofs were not adduced in sufficient number nor arranged with sufficient skill to persuade a somewhat stiff-necked generation of the truth of his.

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He is informed that the people to whom he is sent are rebellious and stiff-necked (this indicates his opinion of the people, and gives the keynote of the following discourses); he is appointed watchman to warn men when they sin, and is to be held responsible for the consequences if he fail in this duty.

He excommunicated the queen as a stiff-necked adherent of the French anti-pope, and in 1381 conferred Naples on the ambitious Charles .of Durazzo, with whom he was soon inextricably embroiled; while, a little later, he fell out with his new College of Cardinals.

But if his offensive were so far successful, if he had once cleared the way to the plains - then perhaps the stiff-necked Falkenhayn might change his mind, and take advantage of the opening offered by an Austrian success.

It is undeniable that his favourite wife was the most stiff-necked pagan of her day.

The very existence of Denmark demanded the suppression and conversion of these stiff-necked pagan freebooters, and to this double task Absalon devoted the best part of his life.