Sentence Examples with the word stick in

A human figure with pearl chain and arrows in left hand, and parrot on a wooden stick in the right.

This duty was about as pleasant as a stick in the eye in Dean's mind, but the interrupted householders were uniformly pleasant to him, making the necessary ordeal nearly tolerable.

As he came nearer he saw that the boy held a charred stick in his hand, with which he was drawing something on a flat rock.

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I, too, want a harpoon made; one that a thousand yoke of fiends could not part, Perth; something that will stick in a whale like his own fin-bone.

The trouble is that very few of their laborious explanations stick in the memory.

Pierre, from club habit, always left both hat and stick in the anteroom.

The ball represented the terrestrial globe and the stick in his other hand a scepter.