Sentence Examples with the word stemmed

Its second historical period begins with the advent of the Romans, who stemmed the advancing Teutonic tide.

Even so, Rhyn.s flaws stemmed from his nature of being a half-demon.

He understood her anxiety stemmed mostly from worrying Connor would leave like Standish had.

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There is a 15th-century Italian example in South Kensington Museum of a pilastered turret containing an oblong crystal case, the whole resting on a stemmed base, and surmounted with a cupola.

His fame lives in Eastern history as the conqueror who stemmed the tide of Western conquest on the East, and turned it definitely from East to West, as the hero who momentarily united the unruly East, and as the saint who realized in his personality the highest virtues and ideals of Mahommedanism.

At least, if she saw him, she could determine which parts of what she felt were real and which stemmed from the bond.

Their attempt to dig a hole to the underworld failed, but at least they'd stemmed the flow of souls.

The wars, therefore, in which the Pergamene kings in the latter part of the 3rd century stemmed their aggressions, had the glory of a Hellenic crusade.

Sensing motion, she opened her eyes to find Alex leaning across her, placing a long stemmed glass on the window sill beside her.

More likely it stemmed from the fact that she had not gone to the house yet.