Sentence Examples with the word stele

As early as the I 7th century travellers began to bring home specimens of ancient Egyptian handiwork: a valuable stele from Sakkara of the beginning of the Old Kingdom was presented to the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford in 1683.

It is a basalt stele inscribed in hieroglyphic, demotic and Greek with a decree of the priests assembled at Memphis in favour of Ptolemy V.

In this use the term loses, of course, its morphoI logical value, and it is better to call such a segment of a broken-up I stele a meristele, the whole solenostele with overlapping leaf-gaps being called a dictyostele.

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The pericycle and mesocycle together form the conjunctive tissue of the stele in these simplest types.

Wells Williams, The Middle Kingdom (London, 1883); Pere Havret, La Stele de Si-ngan Fou (Shanghai, 1895-1902); F.

The stele is called monarch, diarch,.

The stele of most Lycopods is amore or less modified protostele, but in the genus Lyco podium a peculiar arrangement of the xylem Ab and phloem is found, in which the latter, instead of being erran confined to a peripheral mantle of tissue, forms bands Stelar running across the stele and alternating with similal Systems of bands of xylem (fig.

In the roots of Ophioglossum and Botrychium and in the first formed roots of Helminthostachys an endophytic fungus is present, forming a mycorhiza - the stele in the larger roots has the usual radial arrangement of xylem and phloem; monarch roots occur in Ophioglossum.

Another stele (called the Stele of Excommunication) records the expulsion of a priestly family guilty of murder (H.

It is probable that this type of stele is a modification of a primitive protostele, in which the main mass of stelar xylem has become much reduced and incidentally separated from the leaftraces.