Sentence Examples with the word steinmetz

It was obvious that what they had failed to do by surprise was hopeless now that twenty-four hours had been given in which the Germans 1 Steinmetz was shortly afterwards relieved of his command and returned to Germany.

Corps having retreated, the Guard corps (next on its left) was endangered, and Steinmetz on his line of advance towards Skalitz (action of Skalitz, June 28th) could only count on the gradual support of the VI.

Meanwhile Steinmetz had been sending peremptory orders to the battlefield to stop the battle, but neither of the corps commanders was able to enforce them.

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Finding that, in spite of his orders, the firing at the front continued increasing in intensity, Steinmetz at length rode to the front himself.

C.P. Steinmetz (Electrician, 1891, 26, p. 261; 1892, 28, pp. 3 8 4, 408, 425) has called attention to a simple relation which appears to exist between the amount of energy dissipated in carrying a piece of iron or steel through a magnetic cycle and the limiting value of the induction reached in the cycle.