Sentence Examples with the word steering

She sighed heavily and dropped her forehead to her forearms on the steering wheel.

These investigators began their work in 1900, and at an early stage introduced two characteristic features - a horizontal rudder in front for steering in the vertical plane, and the flexing or bending of the ends of the main supporting aeroplanes as a means of maintaining the structure in proper balance.

But Fedallah, putting a finger on his lip, slid over the bulwarks to take the boat's steering oar, and Ahab, swinging the cutting-tackle towards him, commanded the ship's sailors to stand by to lower.

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His knuckles were white as he clenched the steering wheel, and his tall form hunched forward.

In our most trivial walks, we are constantly, though unconsciously, steering like pilots by certain well-known beacons and headlands, and if we go beyond our usual course we still carry in our minds the bearing of some neighboring cape; and not till we are completely lost, or turned round--for a man needs only to be turned round once with his eyes shut in this world to be lost--do we appreciate the vastness and strangeness of nature.

She desperately fought the steering wheel for control, but the car weaved all over the road.

Nor is this any very easy matter; for in his rear is the immense projecting steering oar hitting him now and then in the small of his back, the after-oar reciprocating by rapping his knees in front.

She hung up the phone, gripped the steering wheel hard and drove.

She gripped the steering wheel as the vehicle plunged down a steep hill.

Bernstorff, who aimed at steering clear of all foreign complications and preserving inviolable the neutrality of Denmark.