Sentence Examples with the word steamer

The territory is reached by a light-draft river steamer which ascends the Rio Negro to Fort Roca at the confluence of the Limay and Neuquen, and by a branch of the Great Southern railway from Bahia Blanca to the same point.

In Russia tea costs more to the consumer than in any country where modern transit by railway and steamer exists.

A Confederate attack on the post of Helena, Arkansas, was the last serious fight on the great river, and before the end of July the first merchant steamer from St Louis discharged her cargo at New Orleans.

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An occasional Argentine steamer visits these ports in the interests of colonists.

The necessary arms and ammunition were arranged for in Europe; they were shipped in a British vessel, and transferred to a Chilean steamer at Fortune Bay, in Tierra del Fuego, close to the Straits of Magellan and the Falkland Islands, and thence carried to Iquique, where they were safely disembarked early in July 1891.

By steamer from the town of Como, situated on the promontory which divides the two southern arms of the Lake of Como.

M.), connected by steamer with the adjacent islands, and with Bensersiel on the mainland; Spiekeroog (4 sq.

The depth of water at the main entrance is 41 to 5 fathoms and in the western bay 3 to 4 fathoms. For lack of docks and quayage, large vessels lie off Steamer Point and all cargo is handled by means of lighters, the labour being either Somali or Arab.

It is the terminus of steamer navigation on the Brahmaputra, and also of a railway running to important coal-mines and petroleum wells, which connects with the Assam-Bengal system.

It has facilities for boating and bathing as well as for trips by steamer up and down the river Meuse.