Sentence Examples with the word steady

His steady gaze gave no indication of what else was on his mind.

There was thus a steady immigration into the kingdom, to strengthen its armies and recruit with new blood the vigour of its inhabitants.

Peabody was two hundred and thirty miles and we arrived at our destination a little after eleven on Friday night, after nearly six hours of steady traffic.

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The rotation of the cam shaft continues till the cam has again heaved up the flitch-plate, when the pinion on the cam shaft is thrown out of gear with the wheel on the counter shaft, and the cam remains steady till another charge of coal is dropped into the hopper and the action is renewed.

A steady chirping and whistling came from the forest.

The Mongol invasion, in the latter part of that century, wrought their ruin, however, and from that time to the present there has been a steady decline in the commercial importance of the Euphrates route, and consequently also of the towns along its course, until at the present time it is only an avenue of ruins.

This point the narrative of Tacitus breaks off, but it would appear that easy conditions were offered, for the Batavians returned to their position of socii, and were henceforth faithful in their steady allegiance to Rome.

So when they were working that evening at the pumps, there was on this head no small gamesomeness slily going on among them, as they stood with their feet continually overflowed by the rippling clear water; clear as any mountain spring, gentlemen--that bubbling from the pumps ran across the deck, and poured itself out in steady spouts at the lee scupper-holes.

Rhyn blinked himself out of his stupor enough to steady himself.

The other end was maintained at a temperature near that of the air by a steady stream of water flowing through a well-lagged vessel surrounding the bar.