Sentence Examples with the word stays

I know by now, if he wins he comes back early to brag about it, but if he stays out till morning it means he's lost and will come back in a rage.

I might make 'em a copy, but the original stays in Ouray.

If your fever stays down, I'll let you go home tomorrow.

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You have to promise whatever happens, it stays with us five of us.

The wild boar is common in the reed thickets along the rivers and lakes, where it stays during the winter, migrating to the highlands in summer.

The log stays with the car.

In the rejuvenescence of the nation the old stays of that oppressive kingship which began with Solomon, the strongholds, the fortified cities, the chariots and horses so foreign to the life of ancient Israel, are no more known; they disappear together with the divinations, the soothsayers, the idols, the mazzebah and asherah of the high places.

This is our inn and we choose who stays here.

Fixity of all the parts was secured by a tubular mast extending upwards and downwards through about the middle of the craft, and from its extremities ran stays of aluminium wire to the tips of the aeroplanes and the end of the tubular backbone.

But she's such a mouse, she stays with him, taking it on the chin, so to speak.