Sentence Examples with the word statutory

If the tenant neglected to reclaim the land the Code enacted that he must hand it over in good tilth and fixed a statutory rent.

The requisites of the statutory leases, last mentioned, are similar to those imposed in England upon tenants for life by the Settled Land Acts (v.

The provincial council consists of 25 members (each representing a separate constituency) elected by the parliamentary voters and has a statutory existence of three years.

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This provision caused grave doubts to be entertained as to the canonical position of this statutory official principal.

Its primary purpose was to embody in statutory form the commonlaw principle of equal treatment under like circumstances, and to provide machinery for enforcement.

Some of his statutory lectures are published in his Lectures on Mediaeval and Modern History.

The Unionist party in the country had, meanwhile, been recovering from the Tariff Reform divisions of 1903, and was once more solid under Mr Balfour in favor of its new and imperial policy; but the campaign against the House of Lords started by Mr Lloyd George and the Liberal leaders, who put in the forefront the necessity of obtaining statutory guarantees for the passing into law of measures deliberately adopted by the elected Chamber, resulted in the return of Mr Asquiths government to office at the election of January 1910.

While an undergraduate he published two dissertations, On the Tree of Life in Paradise, with some Observations on the Fall of Man, and On the Oblations of Cain and Abel (2nd ed., 1747), which procured him the honour of a bachelor's degree before the statutory time.

He is entitled to nominate eight chaplains, who had formerly certain statutory privileges, which are now abolished.

A private arbiter cannot demand remuneration except in virtue of contract, or by implication from the nature of the work done, or if the reference is in pursuance of some statutory enactment (e.g.