Sentence Examples with the word station

In Havana, also, there is a school of painting and sculpture, a school of arts and trades, and a national library, all of which are supported or subventioned by the national government, as are also a public library in Matanzas, and the Agricultural Experiment Station at Santiago de las Vegas.

The United States government has at Port Townsend a customshouse, a revenue cutter service, a marine hospital, a quarantine station and an immigration bureau.

At each signalling station was erected an insulated metallic surface facing and near to the ordinary telegraph wires.

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Other parks are Lake Park, also on the lake shore, at North Point, where stands the waterworks pumping station with its tall tower; Riverside and Kilbourn Parks, east and west respectively of the upper Milwaukee river, in the northern part of the city, Washington Park on the west side, containing a menagerie and a herd of deer; Sherman Park on the west side, and Kosciusko, Humboldt and Mitchell Parks on the south side.

The correspondence of the two shows that they were far from being on cordial personal terms with one another, but Hood always discharged his duty punctually, and his capacity was so great, and so signally proved, that no question of removing him from the station ever arose.

A picturesque public park adjoins the railway station in Newtown Pery.

The drive from the station to the house, a distance of one mile, was very lovely and restful.

There was another phone outside a gas station but it only took credit cards.

An agricultural experiment station and a normal school are conducted in connexion with the university.

The Delaware and Raritan canal 2 was long a very 1 The Pennsylvania railway has constructed tunnels under the Hudson river, and has erected a large terminal station on Manhattan Island.