Sentence Examples with the word statics

C. Turner, Graphics applied to Arithmetic, Mensuration and Statics (1907).

Meanwhile he was filling his note-books as busily as ever with the results of his studies in statics and dynamics, in human anatomy, geometry and the phenomena of light and shade.

The literature of graphical statics and its technical applications is very extensive.

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In 1860 he was appointed to the professorship of higher geometry at the university of Bologna, and in 1866 to that of higher geometry and graphical statics at the higher technical college of Milan.

In its account of the concept, it brings the statics of knowledge, so to speak, into integral relation with the dynamics.

In the statics two magnitudes have to be determined: (I) the amount of the suppression or inhibition (Hemmungssumme), and (2) the ratio in which this is shared among the opposing presentations.

His manual on Graphical Statics and his Elements of Projective Geometry (translated by C. Leudesdorf), have been published in English by the Clarendon Press.

Let the useful resistance and the weight of the piece be compounded by the principles of statics into one force, and let this be called the given force.

This principle of least resistance renders determinate many problems in the statics of structures which were formerly considered indeterminate.

The subject is usually expounded under the two divisions of statics and kinetics, the former dealing with the conditions of rest or equilibrium and the latter with the phenomena of motion as affected by force.